Traveling With Toddlers: How To Make It Easy

Traveling With Toddlers: How To Make It Easy

Back in your pre-baby days, you may have been a jet setter and loved jumping around from destination to destination.

Now that you have had a baby, you may have scaled down the amount of traveling you have done because you’ll need an extra suitcase, seat, time, and patience. What you really need is an extra pair of hands!

Now that your baby has grown into a toddler, they can get around a little easier on their own. You may think you’ll wait on traveling again until your toddler is a bit bigger.

Don’t put those trips aside until your kids are older. Get back to traveling and cultivate a love of exploring in your toddler. Let’s look at ways to make traveling easy peasy with your toddler.

Knowing How To Pack Efficiently

What’s easier, lugging two suitcases around or one large suitcase? Consolidating both you and your baby’s clothing into one suitcase can make it easier to maneuver. Keeping you and your child’s things separated is also easily done. When packing your little one’s clothing for the big trip, packing cubes is the way to go.

You can use each packing cube to pack each day’s clothing, making an easy grab-and-go situation. Simply pack the dirty clothes back in the cube and set them aside at the end of the day. You can also allow your toddler to pick which cube they want to use for the trip.

Treat O’Clock

Parents love it when their child is well-behaved while traveling, and children love treats of all varieties. While we don’t condone bribery for good behavior, a little nudging in the right direction never hurt anyone!

While traveling, reward your toddler every hour or predetermined amount of time for their impeccable behavior. This can be anything from an activity book to a new game on their tablet. Not only will it be a small token to reward your toddler for their excellent behavior, but giving them something to refocus their attention will help.

You can keep the motivation and excitement going by announcing to your toddler how far away “treat o’clock” is.

Keep The Same Routine

While traveling, it can be easy to get off of your regular schedules and routines. If possible, try to keep as many routines intact for your toddler. The more routine and predictability your toddler has during the day, the smoother things can be.

The one routine to strive to keep the same is your toddler’s bedtime routine. This will keep your toddler on their usual sleeping schedule that you worked so hard to perfect, and it will also give you time for some well-needed rest after a long day of travel.

Even on the road, bringing along Little Yawn Collective products can help your toddler feel cozy and snoozy wherever they are laying their little noggin. Our Relaxing Pillow & Linen Spray can have any hotel room smelling just like home, which will help comfort your toddler if they are not used to sleeping in a new location.

Did your little one report a sudden tummy ache? Tummy troubles seem to come around a little more often when away from home. Maybe it’s the feeling of being in a new place and not knowing what the next day holds. If your toddler is experiencing any fussiness before bedtime, our naturally sourced, melatonin-free Calming Probiotic & Organic Chamomile Sleep Drops are specially formulated for kids to encourage restful zzz’s. The calming probiotics and organic chamomile can help your toddler feel soothed and calmed, and ready for some shut-eye.

Opt for Low Peak Travel Times

Speaking of routines, try to keep your main bits of traveling in between those key routines, like mealtimes and sleep times. Even if you have to pull over at a rest stop to get your little one to nap, then get back on the road, it may help alleviate any grumpiness that may rear its head later.

For some parents, it is worth tacking on an extra forty-five minutes of travel time rather than sitting in traffic with a grumpy, over-tired tot.

If you are traveling by air, it may be worth it to spring for the extra cost of direct flights to your destination rather than connecting flights, especially if your flight times coincide with naptime. Your toddler can nap on the plane (hopefully!) rather than trekking it through a loud and crowded airport.

There are super convenient inflatable toddler beds specially designed for air travel. Even if your toddler is unable to catch some zzz’s while in the air, a spot to lay and rest can do wonders for their little body.

Road Warriors

If a road trip is in the travel plans, plan to be a road warrior and limit your stops. You know how it can be with a toddler when you stop somewhere new. It’s exciting and unknown, and your toddler will want to explore.

Some proactive planning will pay off and get you to your destination in a great mood. Pack your toddler’s favorite snacks and drinks so you can save your pit stops for restroom breaks. Don’t forget to put their snacks in a spill-proof cup and drinks in a sippy cup.

You can plan pit stops that serve multiple purposes. Rest stops with grassy areas can allow your little one to use the bathroom, then they can run around and play for a bit to get some of that famous toddler energy out.

If you packed lunch, you can find a picnic table and enjoy a quick bite to eat before getting back on the road. A one-stop-shop!


Even if traveling looks a little different these days, you will love being able to take in new sights and experiences with your toddler. They will always look back fondly on those memories and know that you helped make those fun days possible. It may take a little extra planning, but seeing the amazement and wonder on your toddler’s face will make everything you did to prepare worthwhile.

Have fun, and make those memories with your little buddy!


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