Toddler Sleep Training: The Ultimate Guide

Toddler Sleep Training: The Ultimate Guide

Toddlers should come with their own manual! The baby days may have been hard, but having a toddler who is developing their own likes and wants can sometimes result in easy bedtimes that turn into adventures.

Using sleep training methods for your toddler can help them achieve better sleep and reduce night wakings. Resulting in well-rested, happier toddlers and well-rested, happier parents.

Teaching Your Toddler To Sleep Independently

While your toddler was a baby, you likely cuddled or fed them to sleep. Now that your toddler is a little older and able to get around on their own, getting them to sleep independently is an important life skill for them to develop.

It is also good for your mental health! Parents need a break at the end of the day, and your toddler being able to get to sleep independently allows you the time you deserve to relax.

How To Help Your Toddler Sleep Through the Night

If your toddler needs help sleeping through the night, sleep training techniques can be a lifesaver. Using the Ferber method can help give your toddler some structure to their sleep routine and comfort that they know you’ll be checking in on them periodically.

Toddlers can sometimes have big emotions that their little bodies are unsure of handling. If your toddler is experiencing a lot of emotion when it comes to bedtime, stay calm and explain to them that we all need sleep to be healthy and strong.

Be consistent, and stick to the plan. Your toddler may see that they can get you to give in and continue with these behaviors.

Why Is It So Hard for My Toddler To Fall Asleep?

Toddlers Have Tons of Energy

You have probably thought that you wish you had a teaspoon of your toddler’s energy. They are indeed spirited little balls of energy. Kids can be energetic, and they need to get plenty of exercise and time to play so they are ready to rest when bedtime comes around.

Be sure that your toddler gets some time to run around and let loose each day. Exercise is important and ensures that they are ready to get cozy and snoozy at the end of the day.

Toddlers Get FOMO

We know that our toddlers want to be in on the action from sunup to sundown. After putting your toddler in bed, they may be experiencing some FOMO and wondering what their best buds (you!) are up to.

You can reassure your toddler that you are not doing anything special and that it’s time for everyone to rest and relax. You can talk to your toddler about all the fun things that you can do the next day, but that we have to sleep to get there first.

If your toddler likes to “check in” on you after you have put them down for the night, it may be helpful to put up a “boring” facade until they are sleeping away. Don’t play the TV or play games on your phone, or do anything that your toddler may be interested in if they happen to check in on you.

Once they are snoozing away, you can resume your regularly scheduled programming.

Toddlers’ Lives Are Exciting

Your toddler’s life is full of new experiences. New friends to make, new foods to try, and new places to see and go.

When else in life do you constantly learn new things and make new discoveries? Their little brains are like sponges, ready to absorb everything around them.

Tips for Successful Toddler Sleep Training

1. Follow a Soothing Bedtime Routine

A consistent bedtime routine is one of the healthiest sleep habits that you can instill in your toddler. Bedtime routines are shown to improve the quality of sleep and mood during the day.

Little Yawn Collective has you covered with all the sleep time essentials you need to make your toddler’s bedtime routine a breeze. Like those in our Snooze Bundle, our dermatologist tested products are nourishing and gentle for your little one’s skin. These products help create a relaxing and result environment that soothes your toddler and helps them feel ready to hit the hay.

Bedtime routines are best when they are simple. Enjoy a bedtime snack, a warm bath, storytime, and a hug and kiss goodnight. Your toddler will thrive with a predictable routine that helps them feel safe and secure.

2. Comfort Your Toddler Before Bed

Your toddler loves to bond and spend time with you before lights out. Incorporate a cuddle session as part of their bedtime routine, and take some time to comfort your toddler to help ward off sleep issues.

You can ask your toddler questions about their day and answer all of their questions during this time. They will love that you are taking this one-on-one time with them and cherish this part of the day.

If your toddler is at the age where they think monsters lurk under the bed or in the closet, you have just the trick to scare those monsters away. Use our Relaxing Pillow & Linen Spray as a ‘monster spray’ to keep all of those sneaky creatures away.

Not only will your toddler be relieved that they’re protected from the monsters, but the NaturalSnooze fragrance will also have your toddler feeling cozy and snoozy.

3. Establish Bedtime Rules

We know that our toddlers can be, ahem, strong-willed at times. Toddlers thrive with structure, and we need to place boundaries for them so they know what they can and can’t do (although they may still try to put their toe over those lines!).

When it comes to bedtime, establishing some ground rules is important so you do not constantly have to get out of bed to redirect your toddler that it is time to sleep.

Let them know that it’s time for sleep once you say goodnight, and they shouldn’t get out of their bed. Always positively reinforce your toddler when they make good choices. Leading with love will motivate your toddler to do everything they can to get praise from you. This can help regulate their sleep cycle while allowing you to enjoy some quiet time, too.

4. Try a Bedtime Pass

If your toddler is having some trouble with staying in bed after all the goodnights are said, utilizing a bedtime pass can be a motivating factor in keeping your toddler’s cute little tushy from wandering around.

Have a chat with them, and explain that you understand that sometimes we get a little thirsty or need to use the bathroom after going to bed. Give your child a pass (or two), and tell them that this is their pass to do just that. They have to give you the pass, and then they can get a sip of water or use the bathroom. After the pass(es) are gone, they have to stay in bed the rest of the night.

As an added incentive, tell your toddler that if they hold on to their pass and don’t use it, they can trade it in for a prize in the morning. This could be anything that motivates your toddler, a sweet treat, extra time at the park, or extra TV time.

Using a bedtime pass gives your toddler some decision-making power. Since their day is already filled with so many decisions being made for them, they will love having one to make on their own.

5. Graduate From Crib to Bed

A sweet rite of passage is graduating from a crib to a big boy or girl bed. Your toddler will love having their own little bed to climb in and out of. They will also love having the chance to express their personality by picking out the sheets and blankets for their bed.

Giving your toddler a choice in choosing their bedding is a great buy-in to have them excited about going to bed and can facilitate good sleep. Although it may be easier for your little buddy to get in and out of bed now, using a bedtime pass will give them the motivation to stay in the covers until morning and regulate their sleep schedule.

Summing Up

Toddler-hood is an exciting but sometimes difficult phase for parents. You love the little person your baby is becoming, and they love learning and spending time with you. Instilling healthy habits can be a little difficult, but bedtime doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your pals at Little Yawn Collective are here to help make bedtime a breeze. Check out how our products fit perfectly in your bedtime routine and how you and your child can rest easy and sleep through the middle of the night.


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