How To Make Bathtime Fun for Your Toddler

How To Make Bathtime Fun for Your Toddler

Has your toddler decided that they just don’t like baths anymore? They may have thoroughly enjoyed bathtime just a few days ago, but now your toddler suddenly doesn’t want anything to do with getting in the bathtub.

We know that our sweet toddlers can sometimes change their minds on a whim, and while we love their independence, not having bathtime really isn’t an option!

1. Use Positive Reinforcement

We all know this universal truth; we are much more likely to want to do things that make us feel good. We want to hug our loved ones because we feel loved. We want to make healthy snacks because it makes us have energy. We also like to bathe, because we feel clean and relaxed.

If we experience something unpleasant, we may associate it with something else. Catch a tummy bug? You may have an aversion to the last thing you ate before getting sick. Had a bad day wearing a certain shirt? It may hang in your closet, never to be worn again.

If your child had an unpleasant occurrence happen in the bathtub, like soap in their eyes or water in their nose, they might start to experience an aversion towards bathing. This is a completely normal occurrence for toddlers.

As your toddler’s emotions begin to develop, they may start to fear that they will be sucked down the drain, or they may have had a little tumble if they stood up in a slippery tub to be caught by your quick hands. They may have gotten scared and may be fearful that the same experience will happen again.

Making unpleasant tasks fun can help encourage your toddler to partake in them again. If your toddler isn’t looking forward to their bathtime, we have some different remedies and ideas to make bathtime fun and more appealing for your toddler. After some proactive planning for fun, your toddler will be ready to play in the bubbles again.

2. Change the Environment

A little change of scenery can do wonders to get out of a routine funk. If you have another bathroom, your little one may enjoy a bath in a different setting. Set a comforting atmosphere; some flameless candles or a lamp can give the bathroom a soothing and inviting glow. You can also play music, like the soundtrack from your toddler’s current favorite movie.

You can also bathe your toddler in the sink, depending on their size. If you go the sink route, you can remind your toddler that they had baths in the sink when they were a little baby, and they enjoyed them. Your toddler may also feel a little more secure in a smaller vessel, especially if they experience some nervousness around drains.

3. Encourage Their Inner Artist

Bringing out some tub-friendly art supplies can allow your toddler to practice their art skills and get clean simultaneously. Bath markers are easy to clean up, and you can give your child free reign on the tub wall.

If your little one is discovering colors, use bath drops to turn the water into different colors. You can even start to experience mixing colors and watch your toddler’s amazement as blue and yellow make green.

Colored ice cubes are a fun addition to the bathtub. Not only can your toddler grab and play with them, but they will melt and add color to the bathwater. Your toddler can mix the melting colors and enjoy watching the new colors that are made.

Squirt shaving cream into cups, and then add food coloring. Your baby can use the colored shaving cream to make pictures on the bathtub walls or play with the soft and squishy shaving cream.

4. Toys Galore

There are many bath toys for your little one to have fun with in the bathtub. Choose toys that only come out whenever your child is feeling a little more apprehensive than usual about taking a bath. This could be a special toy that blows bubbles or lights up.

Keeping a few special toys in your arsenal can help be a driving force in getting your toddler in the bathtub. You can tell them that they can play with this coveted toy if they take a bath. Bribery may be frowned upon in some situations, but anything is game when you have a toddler that needs a bath.

You can also utilize objects that may not be strictly designed for bathtime play. Strainers, plastic cups, and squirt bottles can be fun additions to bathtime. Your toddler will love pouring water out of cups.

Sponges and foam letters make for great bathtime manipulatives. You can practice spelling words and show your toddler how their name is spelled. You can also expose your toddler to words through specially designed plastic bath books.

5. Make a Mess

Although bathtime is meant to get clean, you can allow your child to get a little messy on the way. Sticky treats like popsicles or ice cream bars are yummy ways to make bathtime more fun. A bonus of enjoying these treats in the bathtub is no worries about stained clothing or wiping up drips.

Squirt guns are perfect for letting your baby have a little fun with parents. They’ll love squirting you and watching your duck for cover. Although the bathroom may get a little wet, a quick towel dry is definitely worth the memories.

You can also give your baby some washable finger paint in an empty bathtub and let the magic happen! Afterward, a quick rinse will have everything, and everyone, sparkling clean again.

There’s also nothing quite like a true bubble bath, with mounds of soft foam everywhere. Make foamy hairstyles and beards with your toddler, and use a mirror so they can see their creations for themselves. They’ll love the experience, and you’ll love how much they enjoyed it.

6. Learning Opportunity

If your toddler is still giving the bathtub the side-eye, try teaching them about the importance of cleanliness. You can use a baby doll (already smudged by dirt or paint), and show your toddler how using soap and water can get the baby doll all nice and clean. Show your toddler a clean washcloth before and after.

Your toddler can also wash the baby doll and then use the same practice themselves. You can reinforce this by asking your toddler how nice it feels to be squeaky clean.

7. Practice Water Safety

We love having fun with our toddlers, and we love knowing that we’ve made the bathroom as safe as possible for them. Keeping a doorknob cover keeps curious minds from going into the bathroom on their own. Anti-slip stickers on the bathtub floor keep things stable and not slippery.

When it comes to bathtime, double-check that the water is at the perfect temperature. You can test this with the inside of your arm. If you are looking for a more accurate measurement, there are bathtub toys on the market that will let you know the exact temperature of the water. We love fun and functional things!

With all the splashing and good clean fun going on, those pesky bathtub spouts can get in the way. Soft spout covers can protect little noggins when they get too close.

Before bathing your baby, make sure you gather all the necessary products, toys, and towels. Having everything within easy reach makes bathtime smooth and simple.

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