8 Fun Ways To Tell Older Siblings About Pregnancy

8 Fun Ways To Tell Older Siblings About Pregnancy

Becoming an older brother or sibling is a fond memory for anyone with younger siblings. Having a built-in friend for life is a great support system during all the ups and downs of being in a family. You have an automatic play partner and someone to blame when the lamp is broken (not that you would ever do that).

Having a sibling is also beneficial to your well-being. Although we don’t like to think about bickering and sibling rivalries, they help us learn how to deal with conflict and cope with working with others. Having a sibling also helps with feeling loved and included.

As a parent of an older child, you are looking forward to your children being fast buddies and always having each other's back. As you progress in your pregnancy and tell friends and family, you’ll want to have a fun way to tell your older child about their little brother or sister.

When Should I Break the News?

As you progress in your pregnancy, breaking the news to friends and family is always a fun and exciting time. News of a new baby is exciting, and your friends and family will also be thrilled for your older child getting a new sibling.

For older siblings, the idea of growing families is not a new and foreign idea. They likely have friends and classmates who have welcomed younger siblings into the world, so they know how families can expand, and their friends take on new roles within the family.

When it comes to choosing the timing of letting your child know of the impending arrival of a younger sibling, it may be best to give them the news after your first trimester is complete. This gives you a chance to get through all the early days of pregnancy.

You may also want to consider if you want to tell friends and family before telling your child about your pending bundle of joy. You’ll have to make this decision, but you may want to ensure that no secrets slip out and your child doesn’t hear about their little brother or sister before you want them to.

How Should I Deliver the News?

You know your child best, so you know which ways to tell your child about your pregnancy will work best for them. You know which ways will work with their personality and have them excited about welcoming a new sibling into the home.

This may mean telling your child in a more private setting or you can tell them with other family members. Either way, incorporating some fun and excitement into the big announcement makes it memorable for the entire family. Let’s chat about some fun ways to tell older siblings about your pregnancy.

1. Gift From New Baby

If you know your child wants a new toy or game, you can “gift” this from the new baby to your first child. Make sure that your child checks the “from” tag, and then you can tell them the big news! Every time your child plays with this new toy, they will think fondly of their younger sibling and look forward to their arrival.

2. Make a Scavenger Hunt

If your child enjoys puzzles and games, a scavenger hunt is a fantastic way for your older child to have fun and learn about their promotion to big brother or big sister. You can set up clues and hints that take your child on an adventure of your choosing that ends with the news of their promotion to an older sibling.

3. Story Time

Many books discuss growing families and being an older sibling. If you normally read your child a storybook during their bedtime routine, reading a few stories like this will introduce your child to the idea of expanding families. You can then discuss how your child feels about new siblings and how they think the older sibling in the story may feel.

4. Themed T-Shirts

Everyone loves a themed tee. If you have a younger sibling, the chances are that you had an “I’m a Big Brother” or “I’m a Big Sister” shirt that you wore with pride when you were able to meet your little sibling for the first time. Giving your own child one of these shirts can feel like a full-circle moment for you, and your child will wear it with excitement until they can meet their sibling face to face.

5. Survival Kits

With older children, as much as they may look forward to being a big brother or big sister, it is likely that their younger sibling will like to get into their things. You can give your older child a “survival kit” with things like a lockbox to keep their valuables in and away from little hands. Your older child will appreciate that their privacy is being thought of but will also be excited that they will have a younger sibling to share other things with.

6. Scratch Offs

Personalized scratch-off tickets are a fun way to tell your child that they will be an older brother or sister. You can tell your child that you have a surprise for them and then give them the ticket to scratch off. After they see the news on the ticket, you can give them a small token to commemorate the day, like a badge that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” on it.

7. Decorator in Charge

If you have a spare room or space that you are turning into the nursery, involve your child in the decorating. Purchase some nursery decor magazines, or start a Pinterest board, and then share with your child. Tell them about the new addition, and then tell your child that they will be the head decorator. If your child enjoys design and art, they’ll love this opportunity to put their talents to use.

8. Scrapbooking

If you created a scrapbook, go through the book with your child and tell them your recollections in the run-up of their birth. You can tell them all the positive things and how much you were looking forward to meeting them.

Give your child their own scrapbook, and tell them that you are expecting a baby and would love it if they did the same for their little brother or sister to look back on. You can help your child through this project. Not only will your new baby have a sweet memento to look back on when they are old enough, but it is also a bonding activity for you and your older child.

After Baby Comes

After the baby arrives, it’s important to keep spending time with your older child and making sure that they feel included. Feeling a little jealous is completely normal, and you can take a few proactive measures to help this feeling wane a little faster.

Quality Time

Schedule one-on-one time with your older child, and do things that they want to do. This could include playing their favorite games or going to the park. Having some quality time alone with each of your children helps with bonding and maintaining a positive relationship and can keep jealous feelings at bay.

Big Helper

Kids love to feel involved and needed. You can ask your child to help with the new baby, like bringing you diapers or burp cloths. Mention how much their help is needed and that you couldn’t do it without their help.

Depending on the age of your older child, you can also allow them to be a helper with burping or bathing duties. Older children may also enjoy helping put the baby to sleep. As a parent, seeing your older child rock their younger sibling to sleep may make your heart burst with love and pride.


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