Chamomile for Babies: What Are the Benefits?

Chamomile for Babies: What Are the Benefits?

Chamomile is a popular herbal remedy that is known for its relaxing properties. It has been in use for hundreds of years, and its soothing effects on people have been well documented.

The Romans and Egyptians both used chamomile tea to relax, and even today, its use as a tea remains popular with those looking for a natural way to unwind after a long day. In fact, over a million cups of chamomile tea are estimated to be drunk per day across the world.

What Is Chamomile?

Chamomile tea is brewed from its flowers, which resemble daisies. Essential oils can also be derived from flowers and are used in aromatherapy, topical lotions, and serums. Many people turn to chamomile as a natural remedy and enjoy its sweet, almost apple-like taste.

As adults, we may enjoy a nice cup of chamomile tea to help us settle down after a long and hectic day. We may wonder, can our children also enjoy the benefits of chamomile when they are feeling upset?

What Are the Benefits of Chamomile for Babies?

Chamomile helps support relaxation and helps to relieve symptoms of digestive upsets. These benefits are great for our babies as trying to help them can be challenging, especially if their tummies have seen better days.

Chamomile is also a natural remedy, some parents may feel better using a natural aid for their babies. We are also quite willing to go the distance when it comes to helping our little ones relax, but wouldn’t things be a little easier if a solution was right in your pantry?

Can Chamomile Help a Fussy Baby?

We don’t know what causes our newborn’s fussiness, but we do know that it can be a not-so-great experience for your baby and everyone living under the same roof. You may also recognize that your baby’s cry during these periods is more shrill, and all the soothing tricks you try are not putting a dent in their tantrum.

If your baby’s crying lasts more than three hours a day, it happens more than three days a week, and it has been going on for more than three weeks, it might be the best time to talk to your doctor.

Newborns may experience fussiness caused by insufficient sleep, digestive issues, sensitivity to new formulas, or foods consumed by their breastfeeding mother. Since our little one’s digestive systems are so new, anything could upset them.

You’ll do anything to help your baby if they are experiencing a fussy episode. If you notice any signs of distress, the next best place to visit is your baby’s pediatrician. They may offer suggestions on what remedies can help your baby feel better, such as using a curved bottle or looking closely at the mother’s diet if breastfeeding.

Is Chamomile Good for Baby’s Upset Stomach?

Upset tummies make for upset babies, which make for upset parents. Our babies can experience upset stomachs for several reasons, such as constipation or stress.

Chamomile is a natural way to help reduce the uncomfortable feelings associated with digestive upsets by helping to relax the muscles in the digestive tract, as well as helping to reduce symptoms of redness and swelling. With cramping alleviated, our little ones can get back on track to feeling normal.

Does Chamomile Make Babies Sleepy?

Since chamomile is well documented in helping people relax, it can certainly support sleepiness. We need to feel relaxed to promote a night of restful sleep, so chamomile is used extensively in bath products and spa settings. Imagine having a mug of warm chamomile tea while soaking in a warm bath with chamomile soap – a one-way ticket to dreamland!

Since chamomile helps our little ones feel relaxed, your relaxed baby may feel sleepy in no time.

Can Chamomile Help a Constipated Baby?

Your sweet one can start to feel a little backed up from time to time, especially if they have started solid foods. Our baby's sensitive digestive systems can take a moment to get used to new foods coming in and may react in an uncomfortable way.

Chamomile tea can help get things moving again. Your baby will feel relaxed, and chamomile tea will help hydrate their body.

How To Safely Use Chamomile Tea

When you feel stressed or need a pick-me-up, a nice mug of tea will have you feeling comforted and cozy. Chamomile tea is loved by those looking for a natural way to relieve stress. The best part is that your baby can enjoy the properties of chamomile tea when they are feeling a little frazzled from any digestive upsets.

Chamomile tea can be introduced after passing your baby’s six-month mark. It’s best to use already bagged chamomile tea, and you can brew and steep it as normal. Let the tea cool off completely and give it to your baby in small doses.

Some parents may choose to spoon-feed, and some may offer cooled chamomile tea to their baby in a bottle. When it comes to dosage amounts, your child’s pediatrician will be the best to advise the ideal amount for your baby.

Although chamomile is naturally caffeine-free, there may be a part of a blend where some of the teas do contain caffeine. Double-check those labels to make sure that no caffeine sneaks by, as we want to help our babies relax and sleep and not stay up for another episode of their favorite TV shows.

We also don’t want to disturb our baby’s sleep cycle, which we have worked hard to get right.

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When your baby’s fussiness prevents them from getting their needed rest, it can cause frustration when you are missing out on your well-needed rest. We hate seeing our babies uncomfortable. Luckily, babies do outgrow the fussiness, but the growing pains throughout are less to be desired.

We know that parenting can be hard! Your pals at Little Yawn Collective understand the challenges that you and your baby will experience. Check us out and see how our naturally sourced and scientifically-backed products can help make bedtime a breeze.


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