The 11 Best Baby Bathtime Games

The 11 Best Baby Bathtime Games

Bathtime is the perfect time to play games with your baby when you are both looking for good, clean fun. There is nothing like watching your little one splash around and have fun in the bathtub. With so many toys and games out there, the hardest decision will be choosing what exactly to do during bathtime!

Even if your baby is hesitant about bathtime, utilizing games will help keep them entertained and engaged. They won’t even realize that they are getting clean while they are having fun with you! After having multiple fun bath time experiences, they will start to look forward to getting baths!

Read on for games and toys for your baby to play while they get squeaky clean!


Using manipulatives, or concrete objects, allow your child to use one or more of their senses to explore and learn. Incorporating manipulatives in the bathtub is a great way to play games with your children, as many are made of materials you already use while bathing – soaps or sponges!

Add Some Bubbles

As your baby gets clean, one of the first things they will likely notice will be the bubbles in the water from the soap you are cleaning them with. You can use these bubbles to play with your baby. 

Utilizing a small mirror (shatter-proof for safety!) can let your baby see how you can make wild hairstyles or beards with the bubbles. You can also let your baby put bubbles on you! 

Additionally, there are bubble makers you can bring into the bathroom. Watching bubbles float around the bathroom will take the bathtime fun up a notch as your baby claps the bubbles between their hands.

The key is to make bathtime a great notion for bonding, too!

Bath Crayons & Markers

There may be an artist soaking in the bubbles! Allowing your baby to use bath crayons is a fun way to be creative. The mess factor is minimal here, as they are already in the bathtub! 

The crayons are non-toxic, non-staining, and many are made with soap, so your little one is getting clean while making art. As your baby gets older, you can also use crayons to draw shapes and letters. 

You can also practice color recognition with your baby while using the crayons.


It is never too early to introduce letters to your baby! Using foam or sponge letters in the bathtub is a great way to expose your baby to learning the shapes of the letters and the sounds they make. 

You can teach your baby their name by spelling it out for them on the bathtub wall. Encourage letter awareness by putting two or three letters on the bathtub wall and asking your baby to pick out a letter. 

Hoops & Stacking Toys

Your baby can play a game of mini-basketball from the tub. Some hoops suction to the sides of the tub, with soft, squishy balls that your baby can play with. Stacking toys consist of stackable hoops or blocks that your baby can place on top of each other. Both toys are great ways to practice motor skills, hand-eye development, and recognizing colors. 

Baby Books

Bathtime baby books are an excellent way to combine story time and bath time into one. These books are made of waterproof material, and your baby will love being able to look at pictures of their favorite stories while they soak in the tub. 

Bath Toys

Learning is great, and we all want our babies to be exposed to as many educational opportunities as possible. Sometimes it’s just fun to play with toys in the bathtub! 

Countless toys are made for bathtime, and it can be overwhelming to choose! Here are a few that make bathtime fun for all!

Fishing Toys

Fishing toys just make sense while taking a bath. They are usually composed of a rod and reel with a magnetic “hook” and fish that can be hidden under the bubbles. 

As your child dunks the hook under the water, the fish will connect with the hook! 

Your baby can go fishing to see if they can catch all the fish before it’s time to get dried off and ready for bed. Many fishing toys make sounds and light up for extra entertainment.

Water Spouts & Pipes

Just the act of playing with water is fun for little ones. Some toys help water become the main focus by allowing your child to manipulate how it flows. There are small pipes that can be attached to the bathtub wall, and your child can move the pipes around and pour water through them to watch how the water runs down! 

Fountain toys spit water out, which children love to watch and play with. 

These toys may run automatically, or your child may have to pump the water through the toy. Either way, these toys make babies look forward to bath time as they make water something to play with, not just what is used to get clean. 

Toy-Free Games

There are times when it’s necessary to take a quick bath with no toys, but you still want to make bathtime a positive experience for your child. Here are a few toy-free games to play with your baby during a quick rinse.

I Spy

Playing ‘I Spy’ is a great way to engage your baby without the need for physical toys. You can pick an object and describe it for your baby using color, size, shape, and proximity to the tub. 

This keeps your baby looking for objects and asking questions about what you have picked. If your baby is old enough, they can pick their own object and describe it to you. It is always fun to hear how your child describes things! 

They may be too distracted to notice you getting them clean as they look for the object. A fun tip is to pick out the objects you’ll actually be cleaning them with. Like, “I spy something soft, square, and white.” When your baby picks the washcloth, you can start washing them with it!

Body Parts

A fun way to keep your baby engaged is to quiz them on their body parts! As you ask, “Where is your knee?” you can wait for your baby to point out that body part and then scrub it clean! You can also give your baby the soap and allow them to clean their own body part that they picked out.


We can’t not mention a parent and baby favorite! Peek-a-boo is always a good time with your baby. 

As you hide your face from your baby and then surprise them again with a big smile, they will be delighted to see your face. Many babies find this game hilarious, and you are then gifted with a full-on baby giggle. 

Sounds like a win-win to us!

Puppet Washcloths

You may or may not consider this a toy, but since it’s used to wash your baby, we would say it’s a necessary tool! 

There are baby washcloths that fit over your hand like a puppet and have animal faces on them. You can use this washcloth just like you normally would a puppet and talk and sing to your child through them.

Bathtime Safety

As you play with your little one, you want to make sure that they are safe as well. Here are some essential tips to remember to keep your little one as safe as possible during their bathtime.

Check The Water Temperature

Your baby’s bath water should be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, be sure to run your baby’s bath before placing them in. Make sure your baby’s water doesn’t get to cool either if they are in the bathtub for a long period of time.

Keep Supplies Closeby

Have all your supplies in reach, you don’t want to leave your baby unattended for any amount of time. If you do need to step out, wrap your baby in a towel and take them with you. 

Stay Warm

A wet baby can become cold easily. Bathe your baby in a smaller bathroom that will retain heat better. Keep plenty of towels on hand in case things get a little wetter than expected. You can also throw your baby’s towels and pajamas in the dryer and remove them just before using them (it may be helpful to have a pair of helping hands for this particular job!) 

Dry The Bath Toys

Make sure any bath toys are dried thoroughly or put into a place to air dry. Toy bins made of mesh are helpful as they attach to the bathtub wall and allow you to have a clear space when adults need to bathe! 

Bathtime Frequency & Products

It may be a disappointment to your baby, but bathtime doesn’t have to occur every night. In fact, when babies are newborns, it is recommended only to bathe them two to three times per week

Their days consist mainly of sleeping and eating, so they are not getting very dirty. Bathing too much can also dry out your baby’s sensitive skin. You can add more baths to the routine as your baby grows bigger and becomes more active. 

Choose the Right Products

The products that you choose to bathe your baby with are also important. Choose cleansers with natural ingredients that are specially developed to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

Most products for adults are too harsh for the baby’s skin and may contain allergens. As many parents regularly choose to incorporate bathtime into their bedtime routine, products that also promote relaxation are favored to get your little one ready for bedtime.

Little Yawn Collective’s bathtime products are a sure way to get your little one from bathtime soothing to bedtime snoozing.

Starting with the Soothing Shampoo & Body Wash with Calendula, you can gently cleanse your baby with soothing calendula and chamomile extracts and help them feel relaxed with the infused NaturalSnooze fragrance. 

Next in the routine would be the Nourishing Body Lotion with Oat & Shea Butter. Shea butter and organic oats help soothe and moisturize your baby’s skin. The lotion is also infused with our NaturalSnooze fragrance, reinforcing a snoozy mood. Use the lotion by giving your baby a relaxing massage – they may need it after playing in the bathtub! 

After bathtime and a massage, your baby will smell lovely and will be relaxed and ready for bed. Your baby will enjoy this smell and start associating these scents with relaxation and bedtime. 

The perfect companion to take you from the bathtub to the bed would be our Relaxing Pillow & Linen Spray. This melatonin-free formulation is a gentle way to lull your baby into a peaceful mood. This spray helps create a cozy environment that is effective in helping your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer throughout the night. 


Bathtime is such a fun time for both parent and baby. It is a rite of passage for your baby to splash around in a bathtub full of bubbles. Fun memories are made with bath toys and games. 

Making bathtime fun is a great reinforcer that this time is joyous and allows your child to look forward to this part of the day. If you use bathtime as part of your bedtime routine, a fun bath makes for a happy baby, making the rest of the bedtime routine a pleasant and comfortable experience for everyone in the house. 

Using Little Yawn Collective’s products in your bathtime routine is an effective way to transition your baby from the fun bathtime games into a soothing and cozy bedtime routine. 

Come see why our melatonin-free products help make bedtime (and bathtime!) a breeze.


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