Baby Bath Items Checklist: Essentials and More

Baby Bath Items Checklist: Essentials and More

One of the best smells in the world is a clean baby, fresh from the bath. The smell of clean pajamas and shampoo is a scent that parents love as they snuggle their little ones. 

Bathing your baby can be a wonderful bonding time as your baby has your undivided attention. It’s important to have the right products and items on hand to make bath time fun for both parents and babies!

Bathtime Essentials

Of course, you won’t need to bathe your little one every day. Three baths per week are plenty for your newborn, as they are not active enough to become sweaty or dirty. As your little one becomes more mobile and active, you can add more baths to their weekly routine. 

Also, bathing too much can dry out your baby’s skin.

When preparing to bathe your little one, it’s important to have everything on hand. Dealing with a slippery baby while trying to reach for products is not fun or safe! Here are some essentials you will definitely want to have on hand while getting your little one squeaky clean:

Baby tub

You can also give your baby a bath in the sink, but having a smaller vessel to bathe your baby in can help them feel more secure and can help contain a slippery, squirmy baby!


You can opt for specially-made washcloths for babies. They are smaller in size and made of softer material that won’t scratch the baby’s sensitive skin. 

Hooded Towel

Using one of these towels helps dry off the baby quickly and helps cover their head and keep them warm. The cuteness factor is also a consideration here, and many hoods have adorable animals faces or ears!

Rinsing Cup

Using a cup to rinse your baby off is an easy way to get soap and shampoo off of your baby without getting soapy water into their eyes. Many rinsing cups have a soft edge that you can put directly on their hairline to prevent splashing.


For getting those baby hairs in place and ready for photo ops!

Bathtub spout cover

If you bathe your baby in a bathtub, using a soft spout cover can help prevent your baby from hurting their head or rubbing up against the hard spout when taking a bath. 

Bathtub Thermometer

You don’t want your baby’s bathwater to be too warm. Aim for around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a bathtub thermometer can help guarantee that the bathtub isn’t too hot. It is also useful to make sure the water is not too cold, as we don’t want to have a shivering and slippery baby!

Non-Slip Mat

Standing on a mat is a safe way to ensure that any water that ends up on the floor while bathing your baby doesn’t cause any slipping. 


We cannot forget about bath toys! There are countless bathtime toys to keep your little one busy and entertained. 

Diaper and Clean Clothes

As soon as your little one is dried off, you’ll want to put a diaper on then so there are no major messes. 

Bathtime Products

Every parent wants to make sure they use gentle products on their baby’s sensitive skin when it comes to products. Products using natural ingredients are sought after and preferred as they are better for the skin, contain less allergens, and are better for the environment – always a bonus!

Little Yawn Collective has your back in this department.

Our Soothing Shampoo & Body Wash with Calendula gently cleanses your baby’s sensitive skins with Calendula and chamomile extracts. Not to mention this product also contains our NaturalSnooze fragrance, which features scents proven to create an environment proven to create an environment that helps your baby fall asleep faster and sleep longer through the night.

How To Get Started

When bathing your baby, start cleansing from their face and work your way down the rest of their body. Make sure that you keep at least one hand on your baby at all times while bathing. 

Being slippery and adding soap to the mix can make for a baby that can squirm around in their tub. Be sure to wash all your baby’s folds and crevices too! 

Save washing the dirtiest part of your baby, their bottom, for the last of the body washing. Since babies also lose a good deal of internal heat, you can shampoo their heads last (if they have hair) to help keep their body heat. 

While bathing your baby, you can also place a washcloth on their tummy to help keep them warm. When your baby comes out of the tub, make sure you pat them thoroughly dry. 

Make sure all the folds and crevices you washed are also dry, as you do not want these areas to stay wet. This can cause a rash to form, and it will make your baby uncomfortable. 

After your little one is clean and dried from their bath, you can massage your baby using our Nourishing Body Lotion with Oat & Shea Butter. This lotion is soothing to your baby’s skin and contains the NaturalSnooze fragrance. 

After all, light massages encourage positive touch and bonding with your baby. Not only will your baby feel relaxed, but the scents help reinforce sleepy memories of being warm and cozy. 

With continued use, your baby will associate these scents with bathtime and bedtime. 

After a sweet massage, it’s time to put their pajamas on. For the parents, you have earned a snuggle and a sniff of your clean baby.

After Bedtime

For many parents, bathtime is a part of their baby’s bedtime routine. 

Bedtime routines  are essential in instilling good sleep habits in your baby. After your baby has been bathed and is snug and warm, you can continue this bedtime routine so you can help your baby relax and get ready to rest.

Bathtime can be the start, middle, or one of the last things you do before your baby goes to sleep. All that matters is that this routine is consistent. It happens every night and should be predictable for your baby. If you notice that your baby becomes more energized after a bath, you may want to move bathtime to the beginning of their day rather than the end. The only way to know is to try! 

If you do elect to bathe your baby at night, this doesn’t mean that you have to give your baby a bath every night for the sake of bedtime routine consistency. Just skip this step on non-bath nights and keep going! 

Once your baby is showing signs of feeling tired, place them in their cot before falling asleep. This will help your baby learn to self-soothe as they drift into a pleasant snooze. 


Bathtime can be a fun time for both baby and parent. Splashing around helps you bond with your baby and makes for some adorable moments. Sweet memories are made once in the bathtub, with singing and playing in the bubbles. 

Here at Little Yawn Collective, we are here to make bedtime a breeze. This includes our products for bathtime! Our melatonin-free products encourage relaxation for your little one. They are pediatrician-backed and use natural ingredients that are soothing for your baby’s sensitive skin. 

Check out how we help your little buddy, and you rest easy!


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